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Edukacija i jačanje kapaciteta učiteljica i učitelja

Edukacija i jačanje kapaciteta učenica i učenika

Opremanje škole i vanjska učionica

Izvannastavne aktivnosti

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Flight to the heights of knowledge – education on uav (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology

Education and capacity building of teachers

Education and capacity building of students

Equipping the school and outdoor classroom

Extracurricular activities

Bilateral cooperation

The sky is not the limit, but the beginning of the adventure!

Imagine a world where you can reach the sky, explore uncharted territories, and provide aid from the air. It's not an imagined future - it's a reality with drone technology that students and teachers have been learning about. The training was held by a drone pilot from Osijek, Tomislav Strahonja, who, as a high school student, was involved in aircraft modeling at the House of Technology in Osijek, which encouraged him to later build drones himself, and now he operates them as a professional drone pilot. His story confirmed that to learn and advance you need patience, a spirit of inquiry and the courage to follow your passion to, literally, heavenly heights. 😊

The education covered the area from the history of drones to their modern applications when they are confirmed as an indispensable tool in various fields such as fire fighting, search and rescue, mapping, border guarding and many others. Students listened with interest about the history of drones and their diverse applications in the world today, from saving lives to mapping terrain. But with excitement comes responsibility - Tomislav emphasized the importance of respecting the laws that regulate the use of drones, pointing out that young adventurers must be aware of restrictions - such as the requirement that pilots must be at least 16 years old to legally operate drones, which does not mean that this technology they must not learn and prepare earlier to operate these aircraft that attract the attention of everyone - both children and young people and adults.

However, the most important thing in these educations is not only the acquisition of knowledge, but the stimulation of imagination, creativity and the discovery of new possibilities. This education not only provided students with an insight into the technology of the future, but also encouraged teachers to integrate innovative teaching methods into their curriculum.

Education about drones has not only raised flying dreams, but opened the door to new possibilities and encouraged young people to dream of heights - literally and figuratively. The message of these learning meetings is - let your imagination fly because with drones the sky is not the limit, but only the beginning of the adventure!